It could be the phone with the biggest battery: how the performance succeeded

Cellphone freedom continues to be a significant problem, however a growing number of producers are looking for options with more or less very discreet fireworks.

HiSense might not mean much to you, but the Chinese giant has actually made considerable progress over the last few years when it pertains to mobile phones. Attempting to resolve a really distinct one, he introduced designs with a generous battery, without making them unbelievably thick.

HiSense’s newest cellphone is called King Kong 6 and, with a relatively simple technique, supplies a battery of over 10,000 mAh. The device is very comparable to the one implemented in its predecessor, King Kong 5. Essentially, we are speaking about a terminal with an interior battery of 5510 mAh to which you can connect a case supplied with the phone that adds 4500 mAh, for a total amount of 1010 mAh.

The situation does not raise your phone substantially, because of the means it connects to the tool. Instead of communicating with the billing plug of the gadget, use a couple of pins on the rear of the phone. Thus, you can link it in just a couple of minutes, just when you need it.

In other information, the new HiSense King Kong 6 does not flaunt of excellent specifications. The phone is 9.47 mm thick without added real estate and weighs 205 grams.

On the back, it has a capture system with 3 major video cameras, one is 12 megapixels and also the other 2 is 2 megapixels, although it is not very clear their role in the whole formula. On the back you will discover a capacitive finger print sensing unit.

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