Friday, February 19, 2010

New First Amendment Minutes – and a brand new podcast index.

The First Amendment Minutes – short podcasts that highlight civil liberties issues in the news – are one of our most popular features on the ACLU of Massachusetts site. We’re incredibly proud of them – and of our resident radio host, Bill Newman – for making them stand out.

In fact, we have so many that we decided to index them all by subject – interested in one particular issue (say, freedom of the press, for example)? Then just scroll through our list of topics and get listening!

We’ve also got a batch of brand-new episodes for you:

ACLU First Amendment Minute: The First Gigolo

The first legal American gigolo is now hard at work in Nevada.

ACLU First Amendment Minute: Terrorists' Rights? Some prominent Republican senators are screaming at the top of their electoral lungs that President Obama is granting new rights to terrorists. Today's question: Is he?

ACLU First Amendment Minute: Paying Attention If you're not really concerned about the state of civil liberties in America, respectfully, you are just not paying attention.

Let us know what you think of this week’s offerings (and the new organization) in the comments section!

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