Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Letter: "Immigration op-ed a new ACLU low"

Well, we seem to have gotten ICE's attention.

It's in the form of a letter to the editor of the Globe, responding to our op-ed last week about operation Endgame plans to expel all 12 million undocumented immigrants from the United States within the next few years.

ICE asserts that during the March raid in New Bedford, its agents "took extraordinary steps, in concert with Massachusetts social-service and law-enforcement agencies, to help ensure that no child was, at any point, without proper care" -- which is at odds with coverage such as:

As immigration raids rise, human toll decried
State officials blame feds for immigration 'crisis'
A lapse in planning
DSS urges release of 21 more detainees

Meanwhile, ICE has taken down several documents which used to be available through its own website, such as a copy of the Endgame strategic plan itself (we have it here), as well as documents which refer to progress in meeting Endgame goals.

ICE spokesperson Jamie Zuieback, who was offended by our mention of similar techniques used in ethnic cleansing in the Balkans during the 90s, also offered to buy us tickets to the Holocaust Museum in DC -- but as one of our attorneys, Laura RĂ³tolo, quickly pointed out, admission is free.

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